DSP Sine Wave Solar PCU

KPD also offers Solar Power Conditioning Unit (SPCU). SPCU is a complete solar power integrated system that is based on the most advanced technology available today for developing both solar and inverter systems. SPCU has its own inbuilt Solar Inverter, Grid Charger as well as Solar Charge Controller. It has an in-built logic that is in line with our commitment of clean and green power, as it gives preference to Solar Power over Grid/DG power.

The unit also has its own incorporated system to charge the battery bank through either Solar Power or Grid or DG Power. SPCU also regularly monitors the charging of battery bank parameters like load, battery voltage and solar power output. SPCU automatically discontinues itself from that solar or gird or DG set as soon as all batteries in bank are fully charged up to predetermined level. The system then restores itself to feeding the loads from the battery bank and charging from solar power.

The SPCU gives the pure sine wave as the output which is the exact replica of Mains, this feature is suitable for interiors where utility line is weak and the renewable energy sources are available. Thus helps in driving electrical appliances smoothly and ultimately increases their life.

Salient Features*

  • Intelligent decision making capability on the basis of continuous load monitoring to select the Mains/Solar Power /Battery/Solar+Battery to drive the load.
  • Alphanumeric 16X2 LCD display for better system information.
  • DSP based design with absolute and stable sine wave output voltage & frequency.
  • State of art MOSFET based PWM technology with greater efficiency at lower cost with dynamic stability.
  • Three Stage solar charging (TSSC) suitable for all types of battery charging.
  • 2 Modes for charging: Economy Mode and Quick Charging Mode.
  • Power Saving through No Load Shutdown Feature.
  • Combined mains and solar intelligent constant current charging with solar power priority and load sharing capability.
  • Monitoring/Data logging feature for better system information at user end (optional).
  • User friendly, Intelligent control and On/Off switch with LCD indication on front panel.
  • Deep discharge battery charging from mains as well as solar.
  • More back-up being a sine wave UPS (ASIC Control).
  • No humming Noise (Silent UPS)
  • Selector switch for UPS mode / Normal mode.
  • Protection indications on LCD as well as with Buzzer


  • For providing reliable power back-up for Lift/ Elevators
  • As a major power supply source for water Pumps, Fire pumps & other 3Phase critical motorized equipment
  • Petrol/Diesel Dispensing (Filling) Machines
  • Tread Mills & other Health Equipment in Homes/Gyms
  • Major Power Back Up source in Corporate Offices as well as Call Centres
  • Computers & peripherals / Office Equipment like Scanners, Printers, and Fax Machines etc.
  • Emergency & Mobile Power Systems
  • Air Conditioners and all compressor Based applications Like Water Cooler, Bottle Coolers, Ice Cream Parlours etc.

Product Range

Capacity 2.5KVA 3.5KVA 5KVA 7.5KVA 10KVA
Nominal Voltage 36,48VDC 48 VDC 96 VDC 120 VDC 192 VDC